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Watch Recent Toastmaster Time Shows

Toastmaster Time is District 57's television program, produced by members of Toastmasters International clubs in District 57. TmT has been running continuously since 1997!

Our Toastmaster TV shows are broadcast on community access channels and available for viewing on YouTube and here on this website. TmT presents talks by Toastmasters from District 57, from Icebreakers to Advanced talks.

The Mission of TmT is to give District 57 Toastmaster members the opportunity to learn new skills and present educational and entertaining stories and speeches. For Toastmasters, it offers a unique opportunity to try something new as a challenge, and to have the chance to see yourself as others see you -- how often do you get the chance to evaluate yourself? Speaking on TmT gives you that chance by presenting on television. The show also shows examples of all levels of speaking skills to our members.

Presenting on TmT gives you, the speaker, the chance to gain experience by speaking in a very different environment, the TV studio.

Our Location

Toastmaster Time currently records shows at the Media Center in Palo Alto.
Here is the home page for the Media center:

Watch Our Shows

Our shows are broadcast on several TV cable systems in the bay area, but our main viewing channel is YouTube:

Toastmaster Time Channel on YouTube

We also have show archives going back several years, available here on this website:

Click here to view our older shows

How Can Being on Toastmaster Time Help Me?

Speaking to the camera is a great way to see yourself as others do, to be your own evaluator, and to help you take your skills to the next level! Speaking in a TV studio environment is very different than speaking in a club. See what other Toastmasters are saying about their TmT experience here.

What Can You Present On Toastmaster Time Television?

Almost any Toastmaster manual project is OK, but needs to be adjusted to six minutes, because of the limitations of TV time slots.

Talks may not promote a product, service or political cause/candidate. You can talk about a topic you know well or care about, it just can't sound like a sales pitch, promotion, or solicitation.

Want To Check It Out ?

Be our guest at a taping session - join the audience and see what's involved. Click here for directions to the studio.

Yay! I'm Going to Be on TV! What Else Do I Need to Know?

Here are some tips on appearing on camera in a TV studio, based on what we have learned about coaching first-time studio speakers over the years:

Speaking Tips on Video - George Marshall (Windows)    (Mac)

Television cameras see the world a bit different than we do. They don't much like white or bright red clothing, shiny objects, small checked fabric, or narrow stripes, so avoid them, or you will look funny :-(.

To see what happens to thin stripes and fine chaecks,
check out this short video! (Here's the Mac version).
Be sure and enlarge the video screen so you can see the details well!

Legal note: by appearing on the show, you give permission for your video to be published and presented on our show broadcast media, including cable channels, media sites such as YouTube, plus Toastmaster uses, including websites and email communications.
We will not distribute your video to any for-profit organization without your explicit permission.

How To Get Involved

Email us to:

  • Get a visitor's pass for the next recording session,
  • Request a speaking opportunity or
  • Find out more about the program
  • Sign up for crew training

Recording schedule:

Currently, we record a new show on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 8:00 PM, unless there is a conflict with a holiday. However, our schedule is subject to change a few times a year, so check to be sure.

More About Toastmasters

Toastmasters is an international non-profit, educational organization dedicated to helping its members improve their communications skills, including public speaking, effective listening, and leadership. Find out more about Toastmasters International, or find a Toastmasters club near you, by going to their website:

Toastmasters District 57 includes over 150 clubs from San Francisco's East Bay area to the Northern California border. Find out more about Toastmaster activities in our district at the District 57 website:

Toastmaster Time is brought to you by Toastmasters in District 57:

George Marshall - Star Search Club
Alan Zoraster - Pleasanton Community Club
Trich Gray - Union City Toastmasters Club
and a great crew and talent team!

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