Toastmaster Time


Here's what Toastmasters who have appeared on the show are saying about Toastmaster Time:

Dennis Dawson, Division F Governor, Talkumentum Toastmasters:

"I greatly enjoyed appearing on Toastmaster Time. I was impressed by the crew and hosts, who maintained a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for the guests. You won't find a more appreciative or encouraging audience than the folks in the studio. The one tip I would pass along to prospective guests is to try out your visual aids on a home video camera to get a sense of how well they will play on screen, adjust them to be an appropriate size and color. The TmT TV crew are happy to help make your performance the best it can possibly be."

John Raphael, Area D3 Governor:

"The Toastmaster Time show is a golden opportunity for Toastmasters to take their communication skills to a new level and in a new direction – on District 57’s TV program. Why should you do it? I was recently a speaker on the Toastmaster Time program and found the experience invaluable. It included being interviewed by an experienced host and getting a speech evaluation from an able evaluator. I also learned the basics of following stage directions and got to see myself on video after the show. "

Peggy Fry, Area F5 Governor, Danville Toastmasters:

"Toastmaster Time was a great experience and I would recommend it to any toastmaster - novice or advanced. As a speaker, you are challenged to step out of your comfort zone and move in front of a camera. It is the next challenge for you in your speaking experiences!"

Debra Prince, President of Diablo View Toastmasters club, from Organize & Optimize:

"It's a great tool for me to evaluate my own performance, so I can make changes in specific areas that need improvement. Being in front of the camera was an awesome experience!"

Joy Montgomery, Amador Valley Toastmasters, from Structural Integrity:

"I recommend speaking on Toastmaster Time to every Toastmaster! It's a great new experience that will make you an even better speaker (AND, you can get a tape so you can study it later and improve even more). Sign up today!"

Pat Griffin, Diablo View and Chamber Chatters clubs, from Hometown GMAC:

"Toastmaster Time is a new dimension in learning, since speaking in front of a camera is very different from other Toastmaster speaking experiences. The more often you speak in front of the television camera, the better you will appear."

Jeff Heidner, President, Laugh Lovers club

"I've always wanted to be a TV star and now I'm one step closer! Toastmaster Time is a great way to teach the public about Toastmasters while at the same time teaching its members a few things about how TV shows get made--plus, it's a lot of fun! I'd recommend it to anyone regardless of how experienced they are with speaking."

Medha Joshi, Telesarians Club, San Ramon

"As a Speaker, I draw on the audience's feedback to tune my speech. Talking in front of aTV camera takes that tool away and makes the speech an interesting challenge. But it presents an opportunity to watch myself in action (many times) to evaluate and tune my speaking skills. I feel talking on TV is a great tool for self-evaluating and tuning Public Speaking Skills. "






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